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Narsilion organizes every kind of historical event, commissioned by the Municipality, the local Tourist Office or individuals. It is particularly specialized in Low Middle Ages.

Historical Reenactment, Parades, Exhibitions, Markets, Jousts and Banquets, Feasts, Festivals. Our company does not exclude any service, and offers every kind of entertainment, personalizing the setting up and costumes. The organization includes the advice, the managing and coordination of the whole event. Our goal is to provide a quality service (also philological if requested), captivating and striking for the audience that will be immersed in history. Narsilion also organizes “Medieval Life Simulation Days”: participants choose to wear all clothes for one day or more to live a cultural and very touching and exciting experience.

Sinked into a suggestive scenario, participants stay in the middle of nature and strongholds like protagonists on the fancy dress stage, in the fascinating atmosphere of a feast, a tournament, a fair or a battle. Narsilion enters the area of professional service by means of training outdoor organization for companies, about objectives arranged with managers such as self-esteem increasing, the forming of the team, the leader identification and reaction analysis.

Teaching turn on a dime, passing from world of work and private world to education: Narsilion organizes teaching farms and theme trips for Primary, Secondary and High schools; it also gives lectures about History, Philosophy, Theology, Anthroposophy art, Arts and Crafts courses and stages.